Ambulance Cover

Medicare is the Australian Government's universal health insurance scheme, which covers all eligible citizens and residents for hospital treatment in
 does not cover ambulance costs. The person treated by paramedics (i.e. the patient) is responsible for paying any fees associated with their treatment and/or transport, regardless of whether or not they were the individual who requested an ambulance.

Entitlements to Ambulance Services can vary from State to State. When you are not covered by your State Ambulance Services, Transport Health may pay a benefit.

If you contribute to a Hospital cover
Hospital cover is a type of health insurance which covers a member for the cost of treatment in hospital, should they require it.The price of hospital
 Transport Health pay a state levy on your behalf and you are fully covered for ambulance transport.  If you contribute to an extras only cover you have limited cover for emergency only transportation.  

Ambulance Tasmania provides a free service to Tasmanian residents. The only chargeable cases are those related to motor vehicle or workplace accidents where insurance arrangements cover costs. 

From 1 July 2011, Queenslanders are no longer required to pay the Community Ambulance Cover Levy—which was paid via their electricity bills.  All Queensland residents receive free ambulance cover, both in Queensland and elsewhere across Australia.

Under Transport Health hospital and/or Extras cover
Extras cover is a form of health insurance which allows a member to claim back some or all of the cost of non-hospital treatment, such as dental, phys
 you are covered for emergency Ambulance transportation only.

Benefits are not payable:
  • When an ambulance is called to attend to you, but following treatment, you are NOT transported to a Hospital (Call Out Fee)
  • When ambulance costs are fully covered by a Third Party, e.g. Traffic Accident
    Accident means an accidental, unintentional or unexpected action caused directly by external means.
     Schemes, workers compensation, public liability or Ambulance Subscription schemes
  • When you are transferred between public hospitals as an admitted patient
  • For ambulance transfers (patient transport) once you have been discharged from hospital.
  • Transport for regular treatment (patient transport) e.g. Chemotherapy
  • Transport from the admitting hospital to another hospital for treatment

Further information about your state’s Ambulance covers can be found at:  (Queensland)  (South Australia)  (Western Australia)  (Northern Territory)  (Tasmania)  (Victoria)  (New South Wales)  (Australian Capital Territory)

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